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Material for chemistry lessons in six languages!

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Content of the Pages

This is what you will find on the different pages of this site:


What is Ma.t.che.s. ?

This gives you a short overview of the project and its aims.


The Evaluation of Chemistry Lessons

All partner did a survey about the acceptance of chemistry lessons by students. Here you can download the questionnaire and all results.


The Actions meant to make chemistry more sexy

One aim of the project is to develop some actions to make chemistry more interesting - without doing to much chemistry! Here you can download our suggestions.


The Worksheets from Students for Students

Students shall develop more interesting worksheets. Here you can download their results.



This is a Bonus! We worked so hard and well that at the end there was some time left...

So we developed some games for chemistry lessons or a stand-in class.



This page connects you to all reports about project activities (as far as we know about them). They are written in the particular mothertongue of the partner.


The Partner

List of the participating schools with their address.



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